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I need help, someone was mean to me.

I'm 14 years old, and I've had a sad life. Approximately 2.5 years ago, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. It was hard, but I got through it. About half a year ago, though, my beloved mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. I opened up about this on YouTube, when I saw a kid, who I am choosing to keep anonymous, comparing people roasting him to cancer, and repeatedly calling them assholes, retards, and other disrespectful terms. I told my story, and got kinda mad at the kid in a long stream of comments. Someone then told me that I shouldn't be whining/complaining, that my mom would be upset at me, and that she bet that I'm a disgrace to my family. I've already suffered enough depression because of my mom, and other topics that I won't mention, but this made it a hundred times worse. I reported them to YouTube for harassment and cyberbullying, but I came to this community, just to get some support. I really hope I can feel better soon, because I am literally on the verge of tears.
Hi Jamie, we are so glad you came to our community for some support. There are some amazing people on here who will give you great advice. If you need designated support please email help@cybersmile.org for a trained advisor.
Hi Jamie,
I am so sorry to hear you are feeling this way.
Every one has an opinion when people disagree, or find someone else's opinion hurtful things can get emotional and very personal, especially when it happens online. Remember, none of these people actually know you so you can't really take it personally, but we understand how this can cause sad feelings.
If you want to talk about how you feel then it is probably best to talk to your family or close friends whom you can trust, this way you will not be talking about personal things with strangers who don't know or even care about you. The internet can be a cruel place with people looking to cause others misery and cause arguments so please be aware of this if you decide to open up publicly about your situation and feelings.
If you are feeling sad about things, thats ok, you are entitled to feel sad about things , and then you can move on with your life. These feelings of grief and sadness are allowing you to deal with the pain, learn and move on.
What's done is done, you cannot change the past or control others actions or words so don't worry about what you could have done or said. The best thing you can do is move on from negative people and allow yourself to be happy and confident again.
We are always here for you Jamie, I hope you feel better soon and please take good care of yourself. xx :)
Hi Jamie, Iaan here. Im sorry to hear about this. All I can say is that cybersmile really is a nice tight group of people of all ages that constantly support and help. I spend most of my time just reading the forums - Ive been a bit distant with comments for a few months but I always enter and read the forum. To me it helps to know that there are people here that genuenly care about this. I was bullied for years and it's only this past year (at a new school) that I for the first time made friends. I was really reluctant to become close to anyone but the kids at my new school sort of forced me to let them in and the support I got here at cybersmile really helped me to start trusting others. And a lot of my mental ghosts have , I dont like to say disappear because I think the pain is something you learn to live with, but they are far back and almost never affect me any more. Use their email to talk one on one with someone on the cybersmile team, try it out even if you dont think you need it. It wont hurt to try it. And otherwise here in the forum you will always find friends and support.
Take care of yourself Jamie!